Handcrafted with Care

We care about what we put on our skin, so naturally we care about what goes into our soap.

Too many things these days are artificial. Ellen April soap starts with the finest vegetable oils and butters. It is scented with essential plant oils and colored with botanicals, beneficial clays and pure earth minerals. We're proud of these fine ingredients and list them on every bar we make.

We source our oils and butters ethically. We use palm oil in our soap because it creates a hard, long lasting bar that is mild and cleanses well. When we heard about the threat to the orangutan due to the rapid loss of the fragile ecosystem of Malaysian rainforests, we made the decision to only purchase organic palm oil grown on sustainable plantations in South America. Yes, it costs more. But we care about the earth and strive to make our soap as earth-friendly as possible.

We purchase supplies locally whenever possible and recycle and reuse wherever we can. We heat our home with wood from our own property and we purchase wind power credits for all of our electricity.

We feel good about our soap.

It will pamper you with rich luxurious lather, delight you with natural fragrance, cleanse you gently and leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.

You can't ask for much more than that.